Bride Magnet Marketing is a Kansas City, Missouri company that builds wedding venue websites and wedding professional websites. We are focused around helping wedding professionals and businesses make the right first online impression. It is our mission to get wedding venues and wedding professionals found online by more couples.

We sell SEO, online marketing, SEM, conversion tracking and design services to the wedding industry. We are strictly business to business. We offer monthly ongoing marketing services that allow us to act as the full-time‚Äč marketing staff that a wedding professional couldn’t afford or allocate time to do themselves.

Why Bride Magnet Marketing?
  1. You need specialized marketing skills
  2. You’re unhappy with your website
  3. You want an outside eye into your business
  4. You don’t have time
  5. You want a company that understands the wedding industry
How We Got Started

We didn’t start out creating websites and online marketing for the wedding industry. But then we decided to get married, and by doing a simple online search we found that many in the wedding industry were not realizing their potential. What we saw online was not the true representation of what we saw in person we thought, “It’s time to change that.”