Landing Pages

Landing pages are the best way to not only target a certain niche or audience, put to add to your existing online marketing campaign. Why send potential wedding couples to your homepage where they have to search for information?

By creating specific pages, you not only help couples find the information they need but also have a greater likelihood of booking those couples.

Why You Need Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most profitable ways to direct customers to the services your are already promoting.

Think of your home page as a summary of everything on your site. It doesn’t make for a good landing page if you just sent an email out about 1/2 price when you book your event on Thursday or if you have a specific wedding package you are currently promoting. There isn’t any connection between the home page and what you are promoting.

Landing pages are built to grab your audiences’ attention, keep them on that page, and convert to a customer. Their purpose is to keep visitor’s’ focus on a specific, single message.

If you are currently sending out email marketing, for example, email blasts or newsletter, that are sending customers to the home page you are losing potential sales. No one wants to have to try and find information.  The same goes for online ads. Why are you sending potential customers to your landing page if your ad is about bridal flower packages?

Don’t lose potential customers by having them land on the home page of your website. Keep their focus and make the sale with Landing Pages.

Bride Magnet Marketing will create landing pages that will convert lookers to bookers.

Landing Page Services include:

A Single Conversion Goal
A/B Testing
Research of Your Competition
Clear Headline
Responsive Design
Strong Calls to Action
Content Creation
Stock or Original Photography
Actionable and Trackable Analytics