Say Yes to Pinterest

Pinterest is the holy grail of finding everything wedding. Roughly 70% of  to be brides use Pinterest to help plan a wedding.  As a wedding venue or wedding professional, Pinterest is where you need to be. Like yesterday.

Not only should pictures be included from your own venue or from recent weddings, but also inspirations from other weddings and ideas found on the internet.

Still not completely convinced to make this a monthly service?

We’ve got 5 Other Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to Pinterest.

  1. Pinterest & SEO
    Have you ever noticed when you Google a set of keywords, for example, Unique Wedding Bouquets, that at least one Pinterest page is in the results. Sometimes it’s more than one. When pin descriptions are written correctly, then they are found within searches.
  2. Shows Your an Expert in Your Field
    Pin anything and everything from your wedding business showing that YOU are an expert. Videos, events, pictures from a recent wedding – anything – all of this shows that you are a knowledgeable wedding vendor.
  3. Analytics
    What better way to see what pins people like from your business Pinterest account and your website.  Pinterest Analytics is a fantastic way to learn new trends and more about your audience.
  4.  Longer Exposure
    Did you know that a single pin lasts roughly 1680 times longer than a Facebook post? Read more about why Pinterest is the best.
  5. Branding
    Not only can you personalize your business Pinterest page, but you can also add content to help strengthen your brand. Create wedding specific boards that are linked to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or website.

When you sign up for our monthly Pinterest service, this is what you get:


  • Create a Business Pinterest Account

    We'll set up a business Pinterest account for you.

  • Creation & Management of Boards

    A brainstorming session for the best boards for your business is included. Then we will create, pin, and manage those boards.

  • Up to 120 Monthly Pins

    That's 4 Pins a Day

  • SEO Content

    Get your Pinterest boards found by more couples by using keywords specific to wedding searches.

  • Promoted Pins

    Perfect for when you want to promote a specific service.

  • Pinterest Button on Website

    Make it easy for couples to pin pictures from your gallery to their Pinterest boards. We will add a Pin It option to your pictures.

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